ANU is a different study experience

As students make their decision about where to study in 2014, universities around the country will be telling them why they are special and why students should study with them. It can be overwhelming for students. How do you really make a decision? My view is you need to look hard at the facts and not the claims.

You are about to commit 3 or 4 years of your life to study. It is a big decision and must be considered carefully. What should you be looking for? Of course there are many things, but I think the most important are: your ability to interact with your lecturers, the reputation of the university and the overall student experience – this is 3 or 4 years of your life; you want to enjoy it!

So, what are the facts about ANU? ANU has the lowest student to staff ratio of any university in Australia. Our classes are smaller and you actually get to interact with your lecturers. You are not simply another face in a sea of first-year students. This is critically important in the learning experience.

All universities are not the same. ANU is regularly ranked as one of the top 50 universities in the world. Our staff are world leaders in their fields. There is a vast difference in being taught by the person who wrote the book and discovered the knowledge and someone who read about it second hand. What this means is that your ANU learning experience will be at a whole different level to many other institutions. This does not mean it will be daunting or difficult. Rather, it will assist you to achieve your full potential. It will set you up for your future career. Employers know of the quality of ANU and they know that ANU graduates have outstanding abilities. The University’s reputation is of real value to our students and graduates.

Much of the learning occurs with your fellow students at university, so the whole environment is important. ANU is a beautiful campus with extensive extra-curricular activities. You can meet your friends in a social environment, live on campus, and attend the many public lectures, exhibitions, performances and events. You become part of a new community. ANU is not just a place you attend for a few hours. It is a place which becomes your home.

These are the things which make an ANU education truly unique. We ask the question: “Where would you like to learn?” I hope the above comments help you answer this question.

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