Enhancing Gender Equity at ANU

In ANU by 2020, we set gender equity targets of:

•             “By 2020 the percentage of academic staff who are women, in each discipline area, at the senior academic levels of D and E will equal or exceed the Go8 average”

•             “By 2020 the percentage of women in senior general staff positions (Level SM1 and above) will equal or exceed the Go8 average”

These are areas in which ANU has not historically performed well and, unless clear action is taken, these targets will not be reached. Late last year both the Senior Management Group and University Council endorsed a range of measures to improve gender equity at ANU.

Recruitment processes

Experience shows that female candidates typically perform well at interview. However, there is often an issue in ensuring the interview field contains appointable female candidates. Active search processes are required to ensure suitable interview fields are obtained.

The standard “Request to Advertise” will be changed for senior positions (Academic D/E and Professional SM1 and above) to require a one page recruitment plan that will outline the active steps which will be undertaken to attract suitably qualified female candidates. For all appointments at this level, it is strongly recommended that an active search process be adopted rather than simply placing an advertisement. At the Recommend to Appoint stage a one page report will be required indicating the success of the recruitment plan.

A training program for Deans and Directors will also be conducted by a skilled external search consultant on processes which they can adopt in searching for suitably qualified female candidates.

Promotion processes

Mirroring the process for recruitment, each Research School Director will be required, prior to the annual promotion process, to provide a report on the processes which they are using to develop and encourage suitably qualified female candidates to apply for promotion to Levels D and E.

In addition, the University will provide a series of training programs for women preparing for promotion to assist them in presenting the best possible case either for an immediate application or for future years.

Gender representation on committees

In addition, the gender distribution of existing committees will be audited. It is hoped that senior female representation on such committees will ensure issues of gender equity are kept front of mind.

College Performance Measures

A set of College performance measures have been developed which cascade “ANU by 2020” targets to Colleges, which include College targets to increase the percentage of female academic staff at Levels D and E.

Governance and Reporting

A Gender Equity Oversight group will be established, which I will Chair. This group will have responsibility for these initiatives and future initiatives to be developed. The group will monitor progress against the ANU by 2020 targets and report annually to the University Access & Equity Committee (UAEC) and Academic Board. The Group will also consider new initiatives which might be introduced to enhance Gender Equity at ANU..

These measures will ensure that ANU is able to achieve the targets set in ANU by 2020 to improve gender equity, and in doing so, will help ensure that we attract and retain outstanding staff.

Ian Young

Updated:  19 August 2020/ Responsible Officer:  Director, SCAPA/ Page Contact:  Director, SCAPA